The S2000

The S2000 is a modular filter, made up of individual pods, each of which contains seven filter elements.


Each pod has two features to increase the efficiency of the S2000, spin and velocity reduction.


The tangential inlet to each pod encourages a slight rotational movement in the pod, which in turn allows heavier particles into the centre of the pod.


The velocity reduction is simply the increase in diameter from the inlet tract to the pod itself. The vertical velocity within the pod is typically under 0.2 m/s, and this is slow enough to make heavier particles drop out of the flow before they even reach the filter elements.


Made in stainless steel the S2000 has a very long life, and requires minimal maintenance. The only wearing parts are standard butterfly valves, so lifetime costs are very low.



The S2000 is modular, so any number of pods can be fitted together on manifolds to allow for higher flows. The size of the manifolds are made to suit the total flow.


One advantage of the S2000 is that as only one pod is off line for backwash, there is no need for 100% redundancy, as is common with many other units.

On Site


The S2000 is a very versatile unit, and can operate at high loadings and a great variety of pressures and temperatures.


The unit on the right was used at a factory making pharmaceuticals, then moved to a new site making paper, and has since been moved to a third site making tissue paper. The unit is still in original condition and has not needed any spare parts other than o-seals in the twenty years it has been used by three different customers.


Whenever one of these units becomes redundant (usually with the sad closure of a factory), it is our policy to take them back and sell them on with a full warranty.

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