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11 January 2024

A new Phoenix going out the door. This is going to a customer in the North East of England.  It is a C type Phoenix, fitted with a pneumatic ball valve on the backwash line, and has 50 micron elements fitted. This one has ANSI flanges fitted, to keep to the same standard as the other Phoenixes in the factory.




22 November 2023

Another new Phoenix.  This is going to Poole Projects, who are based in Manchester (

This is a C type Phoenix, with external ball valve, and is fitted with 400 micron elements. There is also a 12Vdc power supply with the unit. The flanges are PN16.

Poole Projects Phoenix




31 August 2023

Old filters this time, not brand new.  We have had two Phoenix Filters back from a steel works in South Wales for refurbishment. The first one dated from 2001, and the one pictured here is from 2010.  Both have been refurbished with some new parts and a bit of a clean up.


The controls were still working and all re-used, except for the label.


We think it's a good advert for the Phoenix Filter, that can survive over twenty years in service, and then go on for another twenty.


25 May 2023

Another new Phoenix.  This one a C type, with its external valve, and fitted with 50 micron elements.  This is going to a customer in the North, to join at least one Phoenix in an industrial setting.

Phoenix May 2023


23 February 2023

Two new Phoenix units, both type C, with 50 micron elements fitted. These filters are fitted with a pneumatic ball valve on the backwash line, as site pressure can get very high.These two are going to a good customer in the North West. They have multiple Phoenix units on site already, all now made to the same specification so they have common spares.


Please excuse the poor photo. The two filters were bolted together and then bolted to a pallet for despatch. This is taken from my phone.

Phoenix Filters x 2


13 October 2022

We have been quite busy, mainly with EasyClean units and spare parts, but this is our latest Phoenix unit. It is an S type, with external ball valve and 75 micron elements fitted.  It is for a good customer in Scotland.


It is shown on its pallet, awaiting wrapping before going on a long trip.


07 June 2022

Another Phoenix out the door. This one going to a good customer in the North West.


Apologies for the very blurred image, it was taken quickly on a mobile phone.


17 May 2022

Just a couple of EasyClean Manual units. These are our most basic units, and are being used by a major company to protect monitoring equipment.



20 April 2022

Another EasyClean Valve unit going out the door, this one to a new customer in the North of England. A very simple filter this, fitted with a single 100 micron element.


28 January 2022

Well, happy new year everyone.

This is a set of filters going out to a very good customer, and showing a new version of the EasyClean Auto. There are three filters in all, all 50 microns, with two in the Valved form (backwashed by manually turning the valve) and one in the Auto form, being backwashed on a timer.


Please excuse the odd photo. These are built to be wall mounted so don't balance well on a desk.




08 October 2021

This is the latest filter going out the door.  This one is a Phoenix type C with external ball valve. It is fitted with 35 micron elements and has ANSI 150 flanges fitted.  The customer is in Somerset, with the end user being in Asia.




05 October 2021

This is the latest group of EasyCleans going out the door to a good customer in the North East. They are being used on various cooling systems throughout the plant. The filter elements are 75 micron and the manifolds are 1" stainless steel.  These units are all manually backwashed by the customer when required.




30 April 2021

This is the latest filter going out the door.  It is a type C Phoenix, 50 micron, and fitted with a pneumatically operated ball valve on the backwash line. The end user is a large mill in the North West, and our customer is in the North East.

The end user has many Phoenixes now, and this is yet another. Their other Phoenixes have been updated to the type C controls, and they are all fitted with ANSI flanges.






17 March 2021

As I said, it has been busy here.  This latest unit is off to a customer in Scotland, where it will be used in his cooling system.  It is an S type combo unit with a 7,5kW pump. You will have to excuse the messy workshop, but this unit was finished and packaged up in an afternoon.  The filters are 50 microns.


01 March 2021

It has been very busy here, with many customers getting new budgets and other customers picking up where they left off before lockdown. Some customers are extremely busy supplying the NHS.


This is the latest Phoenix to go out the door.  It is a C type, with 50 micron elements and an external ball valve. I have included photographs of the various parts, one with the elements fitted, and a final shot of the finished unit.

The customer is here in Somerset, England, and the end user is on mainland Europe.

All the parts assembled.

Elements and controls fitted.

The finished unit, ready for shipping to customer.



21 January 2021

It has been very quiet but things have picked up over the Christmas break.  Our order book is full and we are having to work overytime to get jobs out.

This is a duplex EasyClean, in stainless steel, one of three going to the same customer as below. They seem to like these. It is 75 micron and hand operated.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photograph, I left the real camera at home and this is done with a camera phone.





























09 November 2020

It has been quiet but some things are picking up. This is another EasyClean Duplex unit, with hand operated valves. It is for the same customer as the unit in April. Manifolds are stainless steel.


























06 August 2020

This is one of a pair of Duplex Automatic filters. These are fitted with alloy 625 coils, rated at 400 microns and are going to a good customer in England. The units are built specially for use with seawater and all wetted parts are plastic, alloy 625 and other exotics suitable for long term use in seawater.


These were ordered for delivery in March, but the lockdown has put everything off for a while. Things appear to be restarting now.
























02 April 2020

A new filter, this time a duplex EasyClean Valve, fitted with 50 micron elements.  It also has stainless steel manifolds made locally. It is for a cooling system in the North East.


























25 October 2019

New Phoenix, this time a type S, with 50 micron elements fitted. This is mounted to a stainless frame with some pipework as requested by the customer.


This unit is going to a distillery in Scotland.  It is shown on a pallet in our workshop getting ready for delivery.





























08 August 2019

Our latest Phoenix. This is a C type, with external valve, and is fitted with 50 micron elements. It has gone to a good customer in the South.





















03 June 2019

Our latest unit. This one is a 25 micron EasyClean Duplex, and is built for seawater. The coils are alloy 625 and all other materials are plastic and rubber.
This unit is going to a power station on the coast, and is to be used to protect monitoring units.
The filter is fully automatic and has a differential pressure switch and a PLC based control system.


























23 April 2019

This is our latest Phoenix, this time a C type fitted with pneumatic ball valve on the backwash line. This has gone to a large site in the North East through one of our customers based in the North West. This is one of many Phoenixes in the same paperboard mill.


We have been busy over the last few months, but mainly supplying EasyCleans and spare parts throughout the UK.





















23 October 2018

Latest S type Phoenix filter, this time fitted to a 7,5kW pump, with all the required controls, awaiting pick up for delivery to site in Cheshire.


















08 October 2018

Two Phoenix filters, off to our customer in Hereford. These are the start of UK production and were welded together in Melksham. Note the PN16 flanges.


These are in the back on my car to be hand delivered to site.





























08 June 2018

Six pod EasyClean manual, ready for shipping. This unit is for a cooling tower in the midlands, and will be backwashed manually at least once a day. Pipework is 2" stainless with a 3/4" backwash. Filters are rated at 75 microns.




















15December 2017

Latest delivery to go out the door.  These are special units made up of plastic parts and alloy 625 for use in seawater. These particular units are rated at 400 micron.  There are three units in total.


These are shown attached to the pallet ready for shipping.






















10 May 2017

Latest Phoenix to head out the door. This time a 50 micron unit with only basic controls. Off to a good customer in Hereford. The new units (from Melksham) are well under way.

















06 February 2017

We have just shipped out a single Phoenix, 50 microns, to a good customer of ours, for use in a paper mill in the North West of England. It goes to accompany at least six other Phoenixes in a large factory.


In other news, we are moving production from Phoenix, USA, to Melksham, England, where the next batches are under way.

























15 December 2016

We have built six of these stainless steel EasyClean filters, in this case rated at 100 bar. They are fitted with our standard 50 micron plastic caged elements and a special adaptor.
























01September 2016

We have shipped the first of 21 new Phoenix units. These are going to a customer in Hereford who is fitting them to a skid for use in hydroelectric schemes. The remaining 20 should be ready this month.
























20 June 2016

We have just shipped out two EasyClean units, all in lovely stainless steel, with standard plastic housings.  Each unit is a four pod, 75 micron filter, with manual valves for backwashing.  The end user is putting them in a cooling system.





























24 March 2016

We have recently designed and built another "special", this one intended for a zoo to the East of Bath. This is a triple EasyClean Valve, with PVC pipework and 35 micron elements.




















11 June 2015

We have produced a press release about the filters we've sold at Cooper Tires (who own Avon Tyres) in Melksham.



















04 March 2015

It has been a fairly quiet winter, although we have been busy.

The units below are EasyClean Duplex Automatics, fitted with a power supply and DP switch, as well as copper based plumbing. These are for a customer in Somerset.

The photo shows them ready for final packaging.


14 October 2014

The S2000 has just left us, and we managed to get some photos in the rain. It is a four pod unit, with 8" manifolds, and is going to an existing customer.  The unit comes with an automatic bypass valve.


10 September 2014

After a gentle summer, we are back in full swing.  We have an order for an S2000, which is due out in October, and are in the process of shipping this Phoenix to an old customer. This unit is a standard C type, with actuated ball valve, but operates from a 24Vdc power source, to suit the customer's application.


10 June 2014

We have been quite busy, with plenty of filters going out the door. The unit below is heading off to a steel works to clean up their ultrasonic testing water.


Biggest news was the end of our first year. We had a small party to celebrate, and send thanks to all that came, and thanks to all that have helped us over the past year.

The forklift is also new, and fits into our new workshop nicely.


13 March 2014

Another Phoenix out the door, this time a C type.

This one is off to Milton Keynes.


20 February 2014

All the work is finished, just a couple of minor things to sort out. No more builders.


We shipped out another Phoenix today, this one heading to Ipswich.


21 January 2014

Some painting still going on, but most of the work is finished.

Front of building

We have also finished our first Phoenix of the new year, which is housed in a GRP kiosk.

This unit is off to the Scottish Highlands where it will be filtering the make up water to a cooling tower at a distillery.


26 December 2013

We are in the new building, but still have a lot of work to do. The (unfinished) front:-

Inside there is a lot of storage going up, and a lot of stock being carefully put away. We are not trading from the new building until 02 Jan 2014 so we have a lot of work to do.


We have a new filter in build with one of our subcontractors. Photos to follow.


04 December 2013

Not a great deal to report.  The new building is being wired and plumbed so hasn't changed a great deal, although one of the big doors is off and a new steel post has been fitted.

This is the view from one of the mezzanine flors. The handrails are all recycled.


01 November 2013

Another Phoenix unit ready for its new home. Ignore the terribly badly cropped picture, the filter does look good.


23 October 2013

The roof is done and the scaffolding is down. Much more work going on inside. Bit of a mess, but getting along nicely.We now have walls inside.


Inside, one grey hooded smurf.                            Outside. Still waiting for new doors.


05 October 2013

The new roof is mostly on.Looks a lot better inside now. I will try to get some decent photos on here.


Please feel free to follow us on Facebook   by searching for TC Filters.


30 September 2013

Builders are in, the insides are being gutted, and there is lots of scaffolding.


13 September 2013

Builders are moving in on 23rd September, with an expected completion before Christmas.


In other news our company logo has been registered as a trade mark, at least here in the UK.



28 August 2013

Photo of the new (old) building. Needs work, but then it is very close by and we will get exactly what we want when it's finished.


22 August 2013

News finally in that we have purchased our new premises. Solicitors took a long time, and there is a lot of work to do to the place, but we will have a new home.

The workshop is in the Red Lion Quarry, on Odd Down, Bath. Photos to follow.


26 July 2013

Another Phoenix out the door, this one mounted to a frame and fitted with PN16 flanges.We think it looks pretty good. More photos to follow once it's on site and working.


16 July 2013

This is one of the two new Phoenixes that left yesterday, complete with its new TCF logo.

One more is with the fabricator now, and should be ready at the end of the week.


27 June 2013 - First orders in for the Phoenix units. Many thanks to the two customers who got those to us. I will check if they are happy to be mentioned on here before I publish their names. Three Phoenixes in one day. Feels like a good start.


26 June 2013 - All the contracts have now been signed so we are now up and running officially.

Official press release here.


03 June 2013 - We have received our first orders, and must pass on our thanks to those involved.  We have also been accepted as business customers of the Co-op bank.


22 May 2013 - We are now officially a limited company, so we should be able to start trading soon.

Company number 08540593.


17 May 2013 - We have had an offer accepted on our preferred site.  It is in Odd Down in Bath, so very local. Once the legal people are happy we will put more detail in here.

The building and grounds need a lot of work, so it will all take some time, but we are looking forward to having our own space, to our own specifications, before year end.